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Providing hearing aids, hearing aids assessments, and the highest standard of hearing health care, offering both in-home and clinic appointments!

Audiology Canberra

With Helen King, you get more than one of the most technically competent hearing and audiology professionals in Canberra. With Helen, you get the only hearing professional who will come and visit you in your own home. From hearing aids assessments to hearing aid repair you can receive treatment from Helen, an experienced audiometrist who is so dedicated to caring for your hearing on every level, in the comfort of your own home.

* Unfortunately, Helen King Hearing Solutions At Home Hearing Health Service is Not Covered by Medicare Rebate

Assistive Listening

The latest technology is lightweight, highly effective and discreet. Let us help you find the right solution and the perfect fit.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Helen King Hearing Solutions sells and repairs a full range of hearing aids. We offer five hearing aid styles. There’s something for everyone, depending on your need and budget.

Free Hearing Aid Trials

Helen King Hearing Solutions offers clients that book and attend hearing tests in Canberra, a free trial of the latest in hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aid Repair

Emergency hearing aid repair in Canberra. No matter what your hearing problem, or level of hearing difficulty, Helen King Hearing Solutions is here to help 24 hours a day.

We Have Moved!

We have moved our clinic just around the corner to Manuka Medical Centre, (Dr V.Josephs rooms) at 1/19 Furneaux St.

Welcome to Helen King Hearing Solutions, your Canberra Audiology and hearing clinic for hearing tests, new hearing aids and hearing aid repair.

Around one person in six people in Australia has some degree of hearing loss, but only half act upon it in time and visit an Audiometrist. Sound familiar? Not acting on a hearing problem will have a ripple effect on the quality of your life. Worse still, leaving a hearing problem just makes matters worse and more challenging to fix.

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Helen King Hearing Solutions are your locally owned & operated business offering professional hearing services, hearing aids & equipment.

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Quick Facts About Canberra's Hearing Exam And Treatment Clinic

Helen King Hearing Solutions Audiometrist,
Canberra Audiology

Certified Audiometrist

Helen is an Accredited Practitioner and Qualified Audiometrist. Helen belongs to the Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia. (current Secretary).

We Cater To You

You are unique and deserve individual attention for your hearing problem. For Helen, the ultimate outcome is helping you find the right solution at the right time.


We offer a 60-day return option on your hearing aids. We offer payment options. No referrals are necessary. Most health funds offer rebates on hearing aids with the appropriate level of cover.

Audiograms Canberra

There’s nothing to gain by waiting to have your hearing examined. The quicker you seek assistance and have your hearing tested, the easier it will be to benefit from the treatment and get on with life.

Signs of hearing problems

What are the signs of a hearing problem? What are the symptoms? Hearing problems are affecting more and more younger people. They’re no longer just ‘a senior’s problem’.

Workplace and Industrial Noise

Talk to your occupational health and safety officer about making your work environment quieter. Wear special ear plugs or ear muffs to protect you from occupational noise, such as jackhammering on a construction site.

Helen King

Helen is rewarded by her profession. ‘I became an audiometrist to help people once again enjoy life’s special moments — help them to hear conversations clearly, enjoy kid’s laughing, listen to birds singing or the waves of the ocean hitting the shore. Silence is only golden when it’s a choice

Digital Hearing Aids

the latest technology has to offer

Our range of Hearing Aids includes five distinct styles.There’s a hearing aid style for everyone, depending on your need and budget. The nature and severity of your hearing loss will influence what type of hearing aid suits. We can help you understand your hearing loss and explain what models will best suit your needs.

Canberra Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Specialised Ear Plugs

Canberra Hearing Aids Support

Did you know?

Audiometrist is from derived from Latin aud?re, ‘to hear’; and from Italian -metria, ‘to measure’.