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Make Listening Easy with Phonak Hearing Aids

Taking notice of your environments at all times isn’t really easy for anyone. It’s even harder for those with hearing loss. Sounds seem muffled or distant. Voices are indecipherable. Furthermore, some listening devices enhance all noises, even the ones that are simply background. Phonak listening devices can make listening simpler for those with hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Canberra: Assistive Listening to Best Match Your Needs

Studies show that one in six of the Australian population is hearing-impaired. View more disability statistics at the Australian Network on Disability. Over the years in Canberra hearing aids have assisted a good deal in eliminating this alarming deficiency. Listening devices are little audio gadgets which are connected to the ears. Many models now are

Are Offers on BTE Hearing Aids by Mail Too Good To Be True?

BTE hearing aids can be really costly if you go to the wrong hearing professional to get them. Some people with hearing loss prefer the personal privacy and benefit of buying BTE hearing aids by mail. Something to be aware of is that so-called listening devices that do not comply with Australian Therapuetic Goods Administration

Our press release about Hearing Awareness Week Expo – Omigoodness

Our Media Release about Hearing Awareness Week Expo 2016 in Canberra Well, Hearing Awareness Week Expo 2016 begins in Canberra on 24 August 2016, and will be held at the Hellenic Club in Woden. A couple of days ago, I wrote a press release about Health Awareness in our community, and the ACT Deafness Resource

Deafness – The Causes and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

A person’s level of hearing loss can be described in one of the following categories: mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss, or profound hearing loss Causes of Hearing impairment Hearing loss may be caused by any number of reasons.  These factors include, but are not limited to: injury or trauma to the ear excessive noise

High Quality in-the-canal hearing aids available in Canberra

These hearing aids fit into the ear canal. They are only slightly larger than the completely-in-the-canal hearing aid but smaller than the in-the-ear hearing aid. The ITC style is available in the programmable digital hearing aids. Advantages ITC hearing aids are cosmetically appealing due to their small size ITC instruments offer natural sound reception due