Supplying Over The Ear (OTE) hearing aids in Canberra

Over The Ear (OTE) hearing aids, as their name implies, fit over your ear and are attached to a slim tube and either a soft dome or moulded tip. The electronics are in a case that fits behind the ear in a small casing. Sound is directed from the hearing aid, through tubing and then the dome or ear mould to the eardrum.

Advantages of Over the Ear Hearing Aids

  • lightweight
  • simple to use
  • cosmetically appealing (virtually invisible)
  • come in several colours, for hair and skin tone matching

Daily Care for the Hearing Aid

Hearing aids need unique like make sure that they operate correctly. Your audiometrist will certainly show you how you can look after and also inspect them on a regular basis. Ask just how you can acquire a listening tube, a battery tester, a forced air blower, as well as a drying out container.

Perform listening checks on your OTE Hearing Aid: Pay attention to the OTE hearing aid daily. Utilising a listening tube, you could hear the listening device to ensure that they sound clear and not weak or scratchy. Your audiologist will educate you how you can listen for intermittency and interior comments.

Check batteries of the Over The Ear Hearing Aid: Batteries should last regarding 1 or 2 weeks. Utilizing a battery tester, check that the batteries go to full strength to ensure that the listening devices are working at peak performance. Always maintain replacement batteries with you. Shop them in a cool, completely dry place. Dispose of batteries one by one. Batteries are poisonous, so manage them very carefully and dispose of them correctly.

Clean the OTE Hearing Aid frequently with a soft, dry cloth. Look for dust as well as grime. Earmolds can be gotten rid of from the hearing aids and also cleaned with a moderate soap solution. Dry them very carefully utilizing a forced air blower (not a hair clothes dryer!). Make sure they are dry before reattaching them to the listening devices.

Keep your Over The Ear Hearing Aid free from moisture. This is important for appropriate feature. A hearing aid drying out container will certainly aid keep moisture from accumulating inside the hearing aids and also will lengthen their life. Be sure to take the batteries out of the listening devices prior to putting them in the storage containers.

Stay clear of feedback:
 Audio feedback is the whistling sound that can be heard through the hearing aid. It occurs when enhanced sound appears of the earmold as well as reenters the microphone. You must not be hearing responses if the listening devices is securely sittinged in your ear. Hearing responses might suggest that the earmold is also small and also needs to be replaced or that there is way too much earwax in the ear canal.

Speak with Helen King, your audiometrist or audiologist concerning exactly what you must do when you begin hearing feedback. If your over The Ear Hearing aid is seated on your ear correctly you should not be hearing static or feedback.

Regular visits to Helen King, your audiometrist in Canberra are very important for hearing assessment, to inspect the efficiency of the OTE hearing aid, as well as to make adjustments to the device.

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