How Digital Hearing Aids Work

Helen King is a specialist in digital hearing aids in Canberra. At HK Hearing Solutions we’re proud of being able to take advantage of the latest advancements in hearing assistive technology to drastically increase the hearing ability and quality of life of our patients.

So what are digital hearing aids and how do they work?

Digital hearing aids work by taking in soundwaves and using them to produce a number-based code similar to that of a computer device, the digital hearing aid will then exacerbate or amplify the sound so that the wearer can hear the sound, it also allows the wearer to recognise the volume, pitch, and direction of the sound.

Digital hearing aids also give you the ability to adjust the volume and settings depending on what kind of setting you’re in. Whether you’re relaxing watching tv at home or at a busy restaurant with friends, you have all of the options you need to ensure you can hear all the sounds you need to. There are also digital hearing aids that will adjust automatically for you.

How is digital hearing aids different from analog hearing aids?

Traditional analog hearing aids were a significant development in hearing assistive technology, providing a great deal of assistance for many hearing-impaired people, which raises the question, what is the difference between analog hearing aids and digital hearing aids? And why bother making the switch? The primary function of an analog hearing aid is to amplify soundwaves, generally speaking, analog hearing aids treat all types of soundwaves the same, meaning they don’t differentiate between speech, music, or any other type of sound.

On the other hand, digital hearing aids are able to use precise signals to provide the wearer with an exact duplicate of the soundwaves occurring around them. The digital chip that exists in digital hearing aids allows them to read the type of sound occurring in the environment and process this sound in a more accurate and precise manner.

Digital hearing aids also have an advantage over analog hearing aids in that they can be specifically programmed for different types or patterns of hearing loss.

HK Hearing solution provides digital hearing aids in Canberra and can repair and service digital hearing aids as well. Not sure whether you need hearing aids or not? Helen Kind (found of HK Hearing Solutions) is a highly experienced audiologist that can provide you with a free hearing test to see if this is something you might need.

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