Are Offers on BTE Hearing Aids by Mail Too Good To Be True?

BTE hearing aids can be really costly if you go to the wrong hearing professional to get them. Some people with hearing loss prefer the personal privacy and benefit of buying BTE hearing aids by mail.

Something to be aware of is that so-called listening devices that do not comply with Australian Therapuetic Goods Administration TGA standards and simply enhance noise are actually being marketed as hearing aids. They are really low-cost, both in price and in quality. Some BTE listening devices by mail like this cost as low as $6.99 per ear. In this case, you most likely get what you spend for.

Sellers require an audiogram to configure your hearing aid to meet your individual requirements in the same way an optician needs your eye prescription to fit you with correct glasses. Sellers require this “prescription” for your hearing aid and need this from a hearing professional such as an audiometrist, audiologist or Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist. Without this how can they possibly provide you an effective hearing device?

In any case, responsible and ethical hearing aid sellers require the results of a hearing test, which can be done by an audiologist. They will not offer the BTE hearing aid by mail without one. Audiometrists and audiologists are hearing professionals who conduct tests on hearing. They are not medical doctors and cannot identify if you have an illness or other medical condition. Nevertheless, they can deliver an audiogram that can be used to change the settings on a hearing aid.

The best deals on BTE hearing aids online, according to price, are to be discovered on E-Bay. One reconditioned hearing aid was recently sold there for under US$70. Of course, performance could not be guaranteed, let alone your comfort and user experience if the device was one unfamiliar to you.

It may seem to be to your advantage to purchase BTE hearing aids online or by mail. A few hundred dollars invested sounds a lot better than a couple of thousand, but if the hearing aids aren’t what they claim to be, it may be a few hundred dollars lost.

A better option is to avail yourself to the 100% free hearing aids trial I offer my clients. Think of this like a “try before you buy” offer.

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