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    National Hearing Test. Canberra Hearing Examination

    A Comprehensive Diagnostic Test with your professional Audiologist is a painless process that’s straight forward and will take just under one hour.

    During your hearing assessment we’ll ask about your medical history and then perform the following diagnostic tests:

    • Otoscopy – Examination of inside your ears with the same instrument used by your GP or family doctor to examine your ear canal and eardrum. We will look for wax or any other obstructions that might affect your hearing test.
    • Audiometry – we will play a series of sounds through a set of headphones to assess your overall level of hearing
    • Speech testing – we will test your ability to hear words to assess your functional hearing. This test simulates real-life scenarios and assesses the potential to improve your hearing with the use of assistive hearing devices like hearing aids.
    • Tympanometry – we will test the middle ear system for any signs of fluid or other pathologies to determine if you need further medical examination

    If your National Hearing Test Canberra Audiology examination confirms a hearing problem that could benefit from a digital hearing aids, we will discuss suitable assistive technology and style options with you.